Among Us video chat companion

Among Us Rume is a video chat companion that is custom built to play Among Us.

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Auto Mute while doing tasks

Auto mute all the players when not in a meeting so that you don't accidentally say something that gives away that you died.

Ghosts listen to meetings

Ghosts can listen to the meetings even after they eject. They'll still be able to talk to each other.

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Set color, game code, and name

Custom fields to set your color, share the game code, and set your name so there's no more confusion.

Be the first to know about new features

We might even allow you to reserve custom names soon...who's to say?

Lume Social, Inc. dba Rume has no affiliation with the game Among Us or InnerSloth. We are fans of the game and are using our own technology to enhance the gaming experience.